Weddings being tapped for business purposes are a recent phenomenon. Marriages have taken the pride of place in Indian society since time immemorial, but the wedding industry was tapped just a decade ago. Earlier, the wedding industry was unorganised, but a lot of entrepreneurs have now jumped into the field realising the potential of the industry. Besides being lucrative, the industry is growing because of glitz and glamour.

Wedding management is a term coined to help a family have a wedding in the most organised manner possible where family members can enjoy the ceremony, just like guests. Tailor-made weddings are the order of the day. Wedding managers

Wedding planners handle complete designing and coordination of weddings right from designing invitation cards, deciding venues and decor to trousseau packing, designing the stage for the couple, providing dancers, bands, singers, catering and much more.

You need to possess a knack for the field to be a key player in the industry. You should be able to plan and execute the complete design and management of wedding activities that starts from designing invitation cards to creating a full-blown theme set-ups, be it an evening in Paris, an elaborate Japanese wedding or any such theme that a client requires.

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We, at Wedding Planner Rajasthan build your day a really unforgettable one for the couple, for the members of the family and each single guests attend this charming ceremony at exotic place of Rajasthan. We tend to make certain that everything goes on consistently to form your day, the right one. With our expertise in wedding coming up with, we tend to guarantee that your days are a hassle-free and gratifying one for you and your treasured ones. From tiny budget to massive scale weddings, we tend to work closely with you and your family to arrange each facet of your wedding.

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