A wedding ceremony is one of the unforgettable occasions in the life of each and every person. Weddings has to be extraordinary, it has to be just precise choice that enduring reminiscences are made of. It’s 100% true that weddings are made in heaven, but they are executed here on earth and it takes an immense agreement of detailed setting up and lots of work schedule to make a wedding ceremony an occasion that will be memorized everlastingly.


Of course, one of the foremost significant features is the location. The site has to be only one of its kinds, for which Rajasthan offers you with a bucket full of best locations for exceptional weddings in Rajasthan especially in its royal cities like Jaipur & Udaipur.Rajasthan, the state which marvelously rests on the Northern part of India is filled of colors. From the great sand dunes of Khuri, Jaisalmer, wooden hills, astonishing lake citadels guarded by rocky forts, men in colorful turbans and women in skirts of vivid colors, quite and calm villages with camels along with elephants and the busy towns with the palace hotels, the unsympathetic sunshine, the chilly evening gentle wind are all to be found in great quantity.


             Weddings in Rajasthan offers rich it’s rich Rajasthani culture, forts and palaces making it the best choice for any destination wedding celebration all over India and in the world. There is constantly an impressive occurrence in the much talked concerning the state Rajasthan, guests may hit upon a narrow, cattle fair or else discover a breath taking vision of the landscape in Weddings in Rajasthan. Have you ever thought of getting married in a prince or a princess style and in a magnificent Palace? Rajasthan brings for you several wonderful palaces as well as destinations to select from. Weddings in Rajasthan nuptials package is inclusive with royal fortress, traditional cars, elephant parades, desert topic parties and a hundreds of year old charming wedding place in the middle of a lake.

             Jaipur conjointly referred to as the ‘pink city’, is the capital town of the state and just like the other cities of Rajasthan, a very traveler friendly one. This metropolis is home to some gorgeous study masterpieces by approach of attractive palace heritage hotels like Rambagh Palace, Jal Mahal Palace and dominion Palace and a lot of for the best celebrations of any wedding in rajasthan. It conjointly boasts of magnificent forts, palaces as well as temples. Jaipur is one of the best tourist attractions where you can find old forts and monuments like Amber fort, Nahargarh fort, Bhangarh palace and many others making it the dream destination for every luxury loving couple to carry out their wedding in rajasthan.


        Udaipur as venice of east referred to as the land of lakes, terribly picturesque town by its locations i.e. lakes enclosed by mammoth mountains and a few lovely palaces, all famed edifice teams i.e. Taj, HRH, Hilton, Trident etc. and also the jewel of the town -Lake Palace, a luxury edifice that occupies its terribly own island on Lake Pichola. It's positively a supremely scenic and romantic town. Once designing a wedding in Rajasthan, you'll sure enough select town of lakes for one in every of the place of celebration. Many palace hotels that square measure the epitome of royal luxury with their scenic views and our extended welcome that may be a trademark of our made Rajasthan culture offers best services & locations for any wedding in Rajasthan.

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We, at Wedding Planner Rajasthan build your day a really unforgettable one for the couple, for the members of the family and each single guests attend this charming ceremony at exotic place of Rajasthan. We tend to make certain that everything goes on consistently to form your day, the right one. With our expertise in wedding coming up with, we tend to guarantee that your days are a hassle-free and gratifying one for you and your treasured ones. From tiny budget to massive scale weddings, we tend to work closely with you and your family to arrange each facet of your wedding.

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